Front Desk Training 




  • New athletes are free to redeem a 10 Day Pass

  • Experienced athletes are free to redeem a 3 Day Pass

  • Drop ins must come in 15 min early to sign the waiver and pay the drop in fee.




  • All memberships are prorated if the start date is not on the first of the month

  • All membership dues are processed on the first

  • All cancelations must be submitted by email to

  • All memberships are subject to a 30 day cancelation policy. This means they must pay the following month regardless of the day notified.

  • We offer no refunds inside of the agreed upon terms.

  • The 3 times a week membership sessions roll over to the following week and reset each month.

  • We require members to use ACH (banking routing/account info) for membership dues. In the case that a member must use a CC we will charge a 10% fee on top of the normal rate. 



  • Members must reserve 72 hours in advance.

  • Members can cancel their reservation 12 hours in advance without penalty.  Otherwise, there is a $20 ‘Late Cancellation’' fee for not canceling within the 12 hour window. This will automatically be charged to your account. It will also count against membership attendance limits. 

  • Members must sign into class after reserving a spot. Otherwise, there is a 'No Show' fee of $20. This will automatically be charged to your account. It will also count against membership attendance limits. 

  • We apply refunds for new athletes for their first infraction. 

  • A waitlist is available if the maximum spots are reserved. Wodify will notify you once someone cancels.

  • Class size limit is 16 members.

  • If an athlete attends but didn't reserve a spot, and if there is space, you will most likely do a modified workout (ie. dumbbells instead of the bar) depending on equipment availability. If there is no space they are to wait for the next available class or be turned away.

  • The above also applies to anyone who is late to class.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate for athletes coming in 15 minutes late.  

    • The likelihood of being injured increases when the warm-up and mobility piece are missed.  

    • It is also very disruptive to class.


Member misconduct 

Cases to be brought to the owners attention for review and immediate termination:

  • If a member is derogatory towards any other members or staff 

  • If a member refuses to be coached

  • If a member is acting inappropriate or commits sexual harassment 

  • If a member is negatively affecting class through any action 

Front Desk Checklist 

Daily (In order of operation)

Sign into class (This may change based on position)

At the beginning of each class


During Class

  • Checking supply/cleanliness:

    • Bathrooms

    • Cups for water

    • Kleenex etc 

    • Women’s products

  • Manage leads inside of LeadFix (CRM)

  • Process athlete retail purchases inside of Wodify as needed

  • Complete any Membership  / Fundamentals PT packages (If needed)

  • Apply discounts where needed

  • Confirming appointments for following day in LeadFix

  • Email

    • Labeling emails accordingly

    • Responding with templates

    • Summarizing for Patrick

      • Cancellations/holds

      • Bills/payments

      • Unique inquiries 



  • Monday: take out trash



  • 1st of the month: ACH Campaign (Wodify & HL)

  • 8th: Invoice Overdue Campaign (Wodify & HL)

  • 15th: MIA Campaign (Wodify & HL)

  • Last Monday of the month: Processing cancellations (Wodify)

  • Last week of the month: 

    • Finalizing Memberships

      • Converting Trials/On-Ramp to Active (Wodify)

      • Entering Memberships

      • Filing Active New Members

    • Community board 

      • New Members

      • Birthdays

      • Anniversary

      • Events

  • Facebook

  • Adding new members / Removing non-members

  • Supplies

  • Checking inventory and ordering as-needed

    • Office

    • Bathroom goods

    • Cleaning supplies

    • Chalk

    • Fitaid

  • Programming 

    • Enter programing

    • Enter Announcements

    • Enter in Birthdays

    • Enter in Anniversaries

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