Patrick started his career in somewhat unorthodox conditions aboard a cruise ship where he read personal training manuals in the search for answering his own health issues. After 3 months of research and application he lost just under 40 lbs and began training crew aboard the ship. After leaving his position, Patrick went on to become a personal trainer at Equinox and then managed a team of trainers at Fitness 19.


During his career as a trainer he became certified in kettlebells, olympic lifting, and gymnastics. Feeling out of place in the traditional gym setting and shifting more and more towards functional movement with high intensity, he turned down an offer to manage a corporate location to start his own business, the Iron Body System.


Patrick Curley

Owner, Monarch CrossFit

Shortly after this jump of faith into owning a new business, he discovered CrossFit. Patrick appreciated the blend of advanced movement spliced together and the measurable nature of it’s programming. The intrinsic motivation of learning advanced skills and self competition of how workouts are measured had him hooked immediately. In just under a year, Patrick placed in the top 10 in three CrossFit competitions. During this time, he trained 8 CrossFit coaches and developed systems and training protocols for a local CrossFit affiliate.


Then, once more, Patrick choose to take a leap of faith and opened Monarch CrossFit with the primary goal of aiding people see their true nature. He shares and teaches the belief that everyone is an athlete, and everyone can be empowered with the right teaching progression, experience, and community. Please feel free to reach out to him at


  • CrossFit Lv. 1

  • AFPA Personal Training Certification

  • Sports Nutrition Certification

  • SPINNING  Spin instructor

  • PTA Global  Personal Training Certification

  • RKC  Russian Kettlebell Instructor Lv. 1&2

  • Z -Health Courses R,I,S & T

  • Z - Health Master Trainer Course

  • Z – Health 9s – Spirit and Sustenance

  • TRX  Suspension training course

  • CK-FMS  Functional movement screening specialist

  • 3 Top 10 CrossFit competition finishes

  • 3rd Place Marathon Relay

(650) 206-8487

413 Lathrop B Redwood City, CA 94063 USA

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